As people know, through cable it connects with lots of different industries. Especially for the customized ones, in the process of integration of main products, cables, peripheral accessories and components, integrators need to spend a lot of time and cost at outsourcing, design, inspection and cost control. Assisting in integration is the part that this website can help and the motivation to be established. In past 18 years, Copartnet has accumulated great experience working with the components/ parts from different industries as well as integrating them into cable production. After years of systematic records, until recently we are finally able to integrate a large number of product information other than own industry cable/adapter. Most products are classified into such as electronic parts,components and even the electronic hardware into our database of <> for offering much valuable service.

We have successfully helped customers to source and release more than 500 items. The product categories and items still keep increasing as this service counts at one fell swoop. Not only the customers can ship the items finding from together with the cable/adapter from, we also can offer different proposal for new specification/alternatives and mold-development solution. In the near future, we will put more systems in both and in order to offer much better turnkey, CRM and cost-effective service.

More products other than cables/adapters setting into is one of our important steps to be the solution provider for customers and with this symbolizes we hope to provide customers more and better services. We value and appreciate your new inquiries and comments as well as hope to work with old and new customers continuously. Again, we appreciate for your continued support that will be our biggest motivation to continuously improve more services.



ケーブル/アダプタ以外な製品を大量に の中に入れるのはソリューションプロバイダーとして大切な一歩により、顧客により良いサービスを提供することを努力します。顧客からの見積もり及び意見を大事にし、ご支持があってこそのものと心より感謝します。どうぞ気軽くお問い合わせください。

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